Monker Art Fair, London
October 12, 2010, 9:59 pm
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This fall, the MONIKER International Art Fair introduces to London a welcome alternative to the familiar grind of the art fair season. Breaking from the traditional format, Moniker highlights the work of a generation of artists often overlooked in British mainstream fairs, though widely acclaimed by museums and established art institutions throughout the world. These artists, extensively collected transcend various genres, readily exploring high and low aspects of visual language. Moniker expertly brings together a select roster from some of the world’s leading artists and galleries, combining forces to showcase their progressive and challenging work in the modern art market. Moniker is designed to spotlight this movement within the ever-growing London art scene and its prominence within current international artistic trends in an innovative setting for art fans, collectors and critics alike.

Our goal is to advance networking between international galleries, artists, collectors and buyers with Moniker becoming an annual event, establishing a solid reputation and raising the profile of street art and their related subcultures to new audiences. The dates chosen coincide with Frieze Week, the largest and most established art fair in London bringing in over 60, 000 visitors to the city from an international art crowd. Moniker offers a cutting edge compliment to Frieze, while attracting buyers seeking a modern forward thinking approach within this ever changing, highly dynamic, expansive 21st century international contemporary art scene.

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