Bright Winter X
January 5, 2010, 7:16 am
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AGAIN on the ground floor, this time with Herr Schulze and Sergej Vutuc
There will also be a documentary of past Basementizid exhibitions.
According to the exhibition there will be a fanzine published.

Bright Tradeshow Winter 2010 promo from Colin Clark on Vimeo.

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Carhartt Streetwear, Bright Tradeshow
and Robotron


Herr Schulze

Born in Amsterdam and raised in Milan, Oliver Schulze currently lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Influenced by various strains of so called subcultures, he spent several years living on the streets and remains involved in several social projects focusing on homelessness and related social issues.

Currently, he is directing a project, which works with homeless youths to create art, organize exhibitions and nourish underground publishing and the dissemination of information.

Under the instruction of former Joseph Beuys scholar Dieter Breuer, Schulze worked at a non commercial gallery between 1995 and 1998, where he spent considerable time studying the theories Beuys had ignited.

Following this period, Schulze worked as an apprentice carpenter for 3 years before enrolling at a design academy in Cologne, which specializes in ecological and sustainable design. In 2007, he won an award from the same institution for excellence in innovation.

Recognized for his technical mastery as an illustrator and comic book artist, his paintings look towards the aesthetics of contradiction, still and continually grappling with the explicit and often repulsive way self doubt and social memory cast out onto our streets. Beyond any review of his visual voice, Schulze is an artist who reminds viewers constantly that humanity hurts, that no struggle for justice can be waged without suffering painful and often deep wounds.


Sergej Vutuc
die tagebuchänlich Momentaufnahmen aus 2009



ein dokumentarischer Abriss in Form eines Behind-theScenes der letzten vier Jahre Basementizid, mit über 30 Artist wie Vincent Gootzen, Bertrand Trichet, Evol & Pisa73, Klub 7, S. Solinas, Danny Gretscher und…..

Wollhausstr. 17 | 74072 Heilbronn

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