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Spacejunk Bayonne: 29/01/2010 – 13/03/2010
Spacejunk Bourg-Saint-Maurice: 18/03/2010 – 01/05/2010
Spacejunk Lyon: 06/05/2010 – 19/06/2010
Spacejunk Grenoble: 24/06/2010 – 31/07/2010

“All the photos in this show are meant to meet with a common theme of darkness as expressed in the pages of ECLIPSE. They are all hand printed photographs on traditional Barite paper, which is gelatin based and the most durable of all photographic papers. In the 21st century PAPER is still the longest lasting way to store data and yet everything in your world is going out of print and you are helping it. They’ve got you addicted to the instant gratification of the Internet. Strung out on I-pods and myspace pages. Soon the post will be out of business but long after your computers collapse and erase all your photographs, my postcards still will exist. I encourage you to stop erasing yourselves. To go out, buy a small, inexpensive film camera, create some postcards of your own and begin a history that will surpass modern technology.”
– Scott Bourne

Spacejunk Bayonne
35, rue Sainte-Catherine
64100 Bayonne


Normen Stoll Ausstellungeröffnung
January 27, 2010, 12:46 pm
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reportage: sergej vutuc

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Spike Jonze “I´m Here” – film and book
January 27, 2010, 9:58 am
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Nieves Published book for Sprike Jonze´s new half-hour film titled “I´m Here”

I’m Here is a robot love story celebrating a life enriched by creativity. The movie is set in contemporary L.A., where life moves at a seemingly regular pace with the exception of a certain amount of robot residents who live among the population. A male robot librarian lives a solitary and methodical life – devoid of creativity, joy and passion – until he meets an adventurous and free spirited female robot.

The film premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and stars British actor Andrew Garfield (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) and Sienna Guillory, one of Maxim’s 100 sexiest women.

Spike Jonze “I’m Here”
48 Pages, Softcover, Color Offset
11.2 x 17.8 cm, First Edition

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Stiftungspreis Fotokunst 2009 der Alison und Peter Klein Stiftung
January 26, 2010, 11:34 am
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Stiftungspreis Fotokunst 2009 der Alison und Peter Klein Stiftung
Christine Fenzl | Juliane Eirich | Peter Granser | Annette Kelm | Sandra Meisel

27. Januar – 28. März 2010

Preisverleihung: Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010, 18 Uhr


Stiftungspreis Fotokunst 2009 der Alison und Peter Klein Stiftung

Die Alison und Peter Klein Stiftung mit Sitz in Eberdingen-Nussdorf hat 2009 erstmals einen Stiftungspreis für Fotokunst ausgelobt. Der Preis versteht sich zur Förderung junger Künstlerinnen und Künstler aus dem Bereich Fotografie und soll in jährlichem Turnus vergeben werden. Der Fotokunstpreis 2009, dotiert mit 10.000 Euro, geht an die in Berlin lebende Künstlerin Christine Fenzl. Christine Fenzl und die Teilnehmer/innen der Finalrunde – Juliane Eirich, Peter Granser, Annette Kelm und Sandra Meisel vom 27. Januar bis zum 28. März 2010 Arbeiten im Galeriegeschoss des “KUNSTWERKs – Sammlung Alison und Peter W. Klein”.

Die Arbeit von Christine Fenzl, so die Begründung der Jury, überzeugt durch ihre klare, konsequente Auseinandersetzung mit einem Themenkomplex: der jeweils spezifischen Form der Jugendkultur in verschiedenen Ländern und Kontinenten. Sowohl in ihrem Wohnort Berlin als auch in Nairobi, London, Sao Paolo, Skopje und Polen hat sie nach einfachen und doch eindringlichen Bildern gesucht, die zeigen, wie schmal der Grat zwischen Hoffnung und Tristesse, zwischen Selbstbewusstsein und Unsicherheit bei vielen der Kinder und Jugendlichen ist, unabhängig davon, in welchem Umfeld sie leben. Ob beim Straßenfußball oder in einer dem modischen Zeitgeist nach- empfundenen Pose – viele der Gesichter, die die Künstlerin zeigt, spiegeln den Traum von einem besseren Leben wider. Ohne Sentimentalität und doch mit viel Mitgefühl lässt Christine Fenzl den Betrachter durch ihren direkten Blick an diesem Spannungsfeld teilhaben. Im KUNSTWERK präsentiert Christine Fenzl Arbeiten aus der Serie “Looking forward – Streetfootball”.

Juliane Eirich zeigt Arbeiten aus dem Projekt “Korea Diary”, das im Zuge eines 18-monatigen Studienaufenthaltes in Seoul entstanden ist. “Me Il Sajin”, so der koreanische Titel der Arbeit, bedeutet “jeden Tag ein Foto”. In einer Art Bestandsaufnahme dokumentiert die Künstlerin in Tag- und Nachtaufnahmen Dinge und Orte, die in ihren Augen besonders charakteristisch für das Leben und die Kultur Koreas sind. Peter Granser ist seine jüngste Serie “Signs” 19.000 Kilometer durch Texas gereist. Granser zeichnet einen von Leere geprägten und im Zerfall begriffen Staat. Im KUNSTWERK ist der Künstler unter anderem mit dem Triptychon “Megachurch”, 2006, vertreten. Eine sechsteilige Fotoarbeit zeigt Annette Kelm. Die Fotos für “Michaela, Coffee Break” wurden zunächst mit einer Polaroid- kamera aufgenommen und in einem zweiten Schritt mit einem Farbfilm ab- fotografiert. Sandra Meisels Installation im KUNSTWERK nimmt die architektonischen Elemente der Deckenkonstruktion auf und überführt sie in eine aus Holzstreben gefertigte “Zeichnung” am Boden, in welche Fotoarbeiten integriert werden.


Sammlung Alison und Peter W. Klein
Siemensstr. 40, D-71735 Eberdingen-Nussdorf
Di-Fr 10-18 Uhr, Sa 11-14 Uhr

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Mark Gubb and Road Kill “History of a Time to Come” at Crate
January 25, 2010, 8:13 am
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Mark Gubb and Road Kill “History of a Time to Come”
+ Zine Fair
The Old Printworks, Bilton Square, Margate, CT9 1DX, UK

Exhibition Preview:
Friday 12 Feb 6-9pm
Exhibition Opens: 13-14/2/2010 12-5pm and 19-21/2/2010 12-5pm
Zine Fair: Saturday 20 Feb 12-5pm


History of a Time to Come

S Mark Gubb has been hypnotised and is working with East-Kent based fanzine Road Kill to rediscover his youth – specifically, his late teens, which he spent as a heavy metal and hardcore-loving musician and skateboarder in Margate.

Working from a transcript of a tape recorded while he was undergoing hypnotic regression , Gubb, 35, is working with Road Kill (two teenage illustrators from Whitstable and Herne Bay), to produce drawings for an exhibition (or, as Gubb puts it, ‘walk-in zine’), a new publication and a zine fair at Crate Project Space , off Margate High Street.

For Gubb – as for many – his late teens were seminal times, when cultural allegiances were formed and rock-star dreams pursued, while the pressures and realities of adulthood approached quietly.

Towards the end of this period, Gubb realised that he had to choose between trying to ‘make it’ with his band and returning to study art. He chose the latter, but the local DIY music and skateboarding subcultures left a strong imprint on his work, which even now is as likely to refer to Napalm Death as it is to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In fact, Gubb’s work is an exploration of how different subcultures, with their attendant languages, can overlap in contemporary society, creating challenges to notions of independence and originality for those who regard themselves as outsiders (or, indeed, insiders). A single work might find the common ground between the inclusive rhetoric of both the American political right and the independent music scene, but, rather than producing work that critiques this process from a rigid ideological standpoint, Gubb explores its potential for good and bad with equal emphasis.

In this new work, he positions himself explicitly as the subject of the actions, decisions and tastes of others – someone whose personal understanding of time and place are part of a larger system of tastes and interpretations.

In December 2009, Gubb visited a hypnotist to be ‘regressed’ to his time in Margate. The series of diaristic impressions of the town and the landmarks and events that were important to his time were recorded on tape and turned into a manuscript, from which Road Kill Zine will be producing the zine and exhibition.

Road Kill Zine
was started in 2007 by Craig Scott and Dan Singer. The pair met skateboarding in Whitstable and Herne Bay, and soon discovered the rich DIY culture and hardcore punk music associated with the sport since the 1980s (though they weren’t born until the ‘90s). Inspired by pioneering hardcore bands Minor Threat and Black Flag (whose singers, Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins, skateboarded together as teens), they adopted the ‘straight edge’ mantra (‘Don’t smoke, don’t drink…), and looked to the illustrators and fanzines associated with the bands for examples of how they might fill their evenings without dulling their minds.

Their fanzines, which openly recall the subculture of the decade before they were born, take the classic obsessions of teenage misfits – zombies, sex, mistrust of grown-ups and authority figures – mix them with social commentary and weird humour, and render it all in a surreal anthropomorphic graphic style that reclaims each piece of source material, whether it be a slasher movie or a cheap pornographic image, as the subject of a very idiosyncratic imagination and worldview.

For History of a Time to Come Road Kill have produced a fanzine that takes the results of Gubb’s hypnotic regression and applies their skewed approach to his memories of day-to-day life in Margate, which include relatively quotidian events, such arbitrarily deciding to walk an unfamiliar route to his home. The results are tangential and phantasmagorical; a radical remaking of the past and an exploration of the relationship between Gubb, Scott and Singer; suggesting that illusive acts of the imagination and random thoughts are perhaps more substantive areas of commonality than any verifiable facts that might bind the three together.

In addition to the fanzine, which will be available for free from Crate for the course of the exhibition, Gubb will work with Road Kill to produce a walk-in version of the ‘zine in Crate’s project space. This could be seen as an attempt to make real those imaginary works the three have formed together. On the other hand, it could also be regarded as a shrine to the teenage bedroom or artists’ studio…

Zine fair
Crate will be holding an exhibition of fanzines and artists’ books to coincide with History of a Time to Come, featuring contributions from Road Kill – who will be bringing hand-printed hoodies and T-shirts as well as zines – and other self-publishers from Kent, including artist Lucy Harrison, who has a solo exhibition at Crate in March.
There should be thirty or forty contributors in total from Kent and further afield.
Entry is free, and all contributors will have work for sale. Non-contributors are welcome to bring their own fanzines to show and swap.

History of a Time to Come is part of Bad Translation, Crate’s programme for 2009/10. It is generously supported by Arts Council England and Kent County Council.

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Fr. 22. Januar – Mobilat Club
January 18, 2010, 8:22 pm
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“After you’ve watched these “animalistic” thugs, with their face painting, their tattoos, public urination, uninhibited sex and testosterone-drenched jousts, there is but one conclusion you can come to — Skateboards are for sissies.”
–Roger Moore (Sentinel Movie Critic)

B.I.K.E. / Fountainhead Films

ULM CREW – Hyp Hop, live on
DJ: Sibel Taylan, Data 77112 and TIM!, Artort
Ausstellung: Kai Epli, Matthias Bedenk
Freitag, 22. Januar | Einlass um 21:30Uhr

Bike Kill Happy Fucks

Diese Veranstaltung ist ein Beitrag zur BMX und Skateboard Kultur in Heilbronn mit Photographien von Kai Epli und Mathias Bedenk.
Passend dazu wird der Film über den Black Label Bike Club gezeigt..
Sie sind eingeladen zu einem KILL HAPPY FUCKS Abend.
Danke für den Support!

Driven by anti-materialism and a belief that the impending apocalypse will render cars useless and leave bicycles in power, Black Label Bike Club (BLBC) battles mainstream consumer culture and rival gangs for its vision of a better tomorrow.

Pulling threads from Critical Mass and the wider bike counterculture, B.I.K.E. explores such themes as radical politics, personal artistic vision, global responsibility, relationships, group formation, and perhaps most prominently, pain and love.

Co-directors Jacob Septimus and Anthony Howard followed the Brooklyn chapter of BLBC for over two years to meetings, parties, jousts, gatherings of the tribes in Amsterdam and Minneapolis, and the protests of the 2004 Republican National Convention to create their masterpiece.

This fascinating and gorgeously gritty film provides insight into a passionate subculture, and exposes the darker aspects of living on the wild side. Edited from over 385 hours of footage spanning two years, Fountainhead Films presents B.I.K.E.: a riveting look into the ways in which identity is important for a collective of fiercely independent people |

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Bright Tradeshow
January 12, 2010, 9:26 am
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AGAIN on the ground floor, this time with Herr Schulze and Sergej Vutuc
There will also be a documentary of past Basementizid exhibitions.
According to the exhibition there will be a fanzine published.

Bright Tradeshow Winter 2010 promo from Colin Clark on Vimeo.

Support by
Carhartt Streetwear, Bright Tradeshow
and Robotron


Herr Schulze

Born in Amsterdam and raised in Milan, Oliver Schulze currently lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Influenced by various strains of so called subcultures, he spent several years living on the streets and remains involved in several social projects focusing on homelessness and related social issues.

Currently, he is directing a project, which works with homeless youths to create art, organize exhibitions and nourish underground publishing and the dissemination of information.

Under the instruction of former Joseph Beuys scholar Dieter Breuer, Schulze worked at a non commercial gallery between 1995 and 1998, where he spent considerable time studying the theories Beuys had ignited.

Following this period, Schulze worked as an apprentice carpenter for 3 years before enrolling at a design academy in Cologne, which specializes in ecological and sustainable design. In 2007, he won an award from the same institution for excellence in innovation.

Recognized for his technical mastery as an illustrator and comic book artist, his paintings look towards the aesthetics of contradiction, still and continually grappling with the explicit and often repulsive way self doubt and social memory cast out onto our streets. Beyond any review of his visual voice, Schulze is an artist who reminds viewers constantly that humanity hurts, that no struggle for justice can be waged without suffering painful and often deep wounds.


Sergej Vutuc
die tagebuchänlich Momentaufnahmen aus 2009



ein dokumentarischer Abriss in Form eines Behind-theScenes der letzten vier Jahre Basementizid, mit über 30 Artist wie Vincent Gootzen, Bertrand Trichet, Evol & Pisa73, Klub 7, S. Solinas, Danny Gretscher und…..

Wollhausstr. 17 | 74072 Heilbronn

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