Ale Formenti “Zombie Town” – September/Oktober 2009
November 2, 2009, 6:24 pm
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Zombie Town is the city where I’m from. No matter about the name, I can tell you it’s in the north of Italy, but it could be anywhere in the world. Here people are dead, there’s no light in the eyes: walk, buy, eat icecream and go to church on Sunday. Everything is normal, right? But who cares about normal things? To be 20 kms far from one of the most important and influential city in the world doesn’t matter. Nobody cares. Here everything is cool: houses are beautiful, they have gardens in the backyard, kids always smile, the eat everyday and everybody’s happy. Unfortunately they’re all dead and they don’t care about the world going on outside the town. I was born in this city and I have my headquarter here since 30 years. I don’t know anybody from this place, except for parents. I don’t think I care about getting in touch with someone from here. Sometimes I feel like a zombie too, but the real ones: a creepy walking dead man looking for human flesh. But the zombies you can find in the movies are ten thousand ways more funnier than the ones that I see everyday here.


Emanating from Milan’s unsavory peripheral zones, Ale Formenti’s raw, honest and alternately titillating and unsettling photographs of drinking, bleeding, crack smoking, vomiting, tattooed miscreants and hoodlums (along with female fellow travelers clad only in lilac-colored panties and gas masks) capture a punk rock skateboarding funhouse existence with a distinctly Italian flavor. Formenti finds his inspiration in everything that happens around him, taking pictures of his kind of people and doing it in the way that does their self-destructive high jinks, bad habits and unbridled sense of fun justice. He doesn’t produce “cool” images like those “that would make even a leper look nice” and isn’t interested in distorting reality but representing the fundamental nature of his subjects.
Ale has exhibited in Milano (Italy) and New York City (USA).



Exhibition opening
on Saturday 5th September 2009
Exhibition: 5th September 2009 to 30th October 2009
Open: Wednesday – Friday 15:00 to 20:00 and Saturday 12:00 to 18:00

support by: carhartt streetwear, und plemplem kaufraum
Gefördert von der Stadt Heilbronn
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