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October 22, 2009, 9:43 am
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art of asfakt

Born in March of 1979.
This graduate of Philosophical Faculty at the Universe of Ljubljana (a degree in social studies in sociology with the paper “Skateboard as an unique medium of experiencing city spaces” and a degree in history with the paper “History of Slovenian skateboarding”) has been working as a photographer and a cinematographer since 1996. Between 1998 and 2006 he has worked as a photo editor for Slovenian-Croatian skateboard magazine Pendrek. He is also an author (as a director, director of photography and an editor) of a few renowned Slovenian skateboard movies such as Damage (2002), for which he received a special award for realization at 7. Festival of Slovenian Independent Film and a film Listen to Srecna Mladina (2006) for which he received an award for his camera work at 10. Festival of Slovenian Independent Film. His camera skills can also be seen in skateboard movies such as: Rise up (Element Skateboards), Wolfstadt (The Harmony Skateboards), Nothing But the Truth (Nike Skateboarding).

As a photographer he had a chance to introduce himself at the exhibition “Babnik and friends” at Kazamat Gallery in Osijek (Croatia, 2005) and in December of 2006 at “The Le Boxx Art Show” in Malmö (Sweden). In 2007 Jaka, together with a fellow photographer Sergej Vutuc, started a project called “Art of Asfalt”, that brought together different artists from the republic’s of Ex-Yugoslavia, that all have their roots in skateboard culture and street continues to be their space of expression. Under this title 4 exhibitions went down: in Student Centre in Zagreb (Croatia) where beside the classical exhibition format a big concrete sculpture was build, that fused together different perspectives that present a new step in the development of urban communication and its application to the street, but at the end also gave skateboarders a chance to perform tricks on it, and with that they gave it another meaning; on the island of Korcula (Croatia) where the exhibition was a part of Ooze Festival; at the House of Culture in Pivka (Slovenia) and in the Skateboard Museum in Stuttgart (Germany). The same group later joined forces for the “Opušteno” exhibition in June of 2009 in Tuzla (BiH) and at the 2009 Motovun film festival (Croatia) as a support for a “Why so serious?” exhibition by a Croatian street artist Puma 34. In July of that same year, Jaka was a part of a group photo exhibition at the gallery of Department of Conservation for protecting national heritage in Split (Croatia).

Beside before mentioned work as a staff photographer at Pendrek Magazine and a few book covers for Goga Publishing Company (Lenart Zajc, “Zguba”; Dušan Čater, “Pojdi z mano”; Slavko Pregelj, “Car brez zaklada”; Janja Vidmar, “Angie”) and now as an editor/owner of Kontejner, Jaka has had his photos published in magazines like: Yeyo Skateboard Magazine (Austria), Last Try (Austria), Transworld Skateboarding Business (ZDA), Sidewalk (Great Britain), Uno (Spain), Dogway (Spain), Free Magazine (Czech Republik), Kingpin Skateboarding (Europe), Kolektiv (Croatia), Maska (Slovenia), Monster Skatboard Magazine (Germany), Place (Germany), Transition (Sweden) and Giftorm (Sweden).

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