24th. to 25th. of january 2009 basementizid on ground floor
December 3, 2008, 9:01 am
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this time basementizid gallery, project would be on bright tradeshow…on gound floor in small space full of creative vibration from artist, bands and skateboard film festival.
Phil Jackson, Leon Zuodar – Boldrider , Ben Thé, Goin, Ian Dykmans, DJ Zombeatz, Band Daturah and Underskatement Film Festival.
with big support by carhartt streetwear and bright tradeshow

Phil Jackson, USA


Phil studies a BFA in photography at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia with a focus on documenting the life and times of the skateboarding subculture. Phil ignores the literal act of skateboarding and instead focuses on the (strange) people of this unique group.
He is zinemaker, photographer for concussion magazine and great transition skater.


Leon Zuodar, Boldrider / Slowenien


I’m a skate collector and shaper.I live with my wife in Oregor, Slovenia. We watch dvds and we shape our own skate scene. When we have some free time we google and publish our own black & white facebooks. i am a good painter also, I can copy Picasso and Banksy.


Ben Thé, France


“Skateboarding is a street art, and maybe that’s why I started expressing myself through collages… Street art has a big influence on me, because it is accessible to everyone, everyone can see it and everyone can do it. EVERYBODY NEEDS COLORS, and creativity colors my life.”
Skater and supporter of Antiz Skateboards from day one.

Goin, France


“My work is a subtle mix of radical attitude, subversion and powerful graphics. The marriage between Pop art and punk attitude, something accurate and alive, in the action and in the moment.”
“Goin is one of the artists of the “Abode of Chaos”, a crazy and amazing art piece terrorising the French countryside. ”


Abode of Chaos has been the subject of more than 900 press and media articles in 93 countries. According to the New York Times it is “one of the most important and most emotional artistic adventures of the 21st century”.
Turn a corner of this middle-class village in the heart of the Monts d’Or, a wealthy suburb of Lyons, and golden masonry and bourgeois houses give way to this alchemical abode, inspired by Fulcanelli.


Ian Dykmans, Belgian


Ian is a skateboarder/ activist/ photographer/ skatepark-builder.
“Skateboarding and photography are not just that perfect moment captured when the photographer freezes the action making a sensational image. It´s the run up, the landing, the dirty hands that build the spot and all the people skating around. It is all these little things that make sense for us, these things that will make me try again… Though my eyes, knowing I´ll be able to look at if for posterity.”


Daturah , Frankfurt


DATURAH is an instrumental five-piece from Frankfurt/Germany playing ambient noise rock.



Start in San Francisco 2001, is a (kind of) annual touring film festival that focuses on short films made by skateboarders. Films of all kinds are shown with the only stipulations being that the film be made by a skateboarder and that it (usually) not exceed seven minutes in length.

UnderSkatement features a broad range of films – including narratives, documentaries, music videos, experimental shorts – from some of the most talented skateboarder/filmmakers currently works.
This installment features the work from Eric Noren, Dan Wolfe, Corey Adams, Jon Humphries, Laban Pheidias, Rick Charnoski, Bryce Kanights, and Travis Kopach to name only few.

youtube – trailer


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