September 29, 2008, 5:38 am
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Das basementizid bietet am 13.09. im Mobilat erste Einblicke in Heilbronns derzeit kleinste Galerie: DAS KASSENHÄUSCHEN und lädt im oberen Raum ein zur Dopamine Ausstellung der australischen Künstler Steve Gorrow und Fraser Anderson mit der fotografischen Unterstützung von Dustin Humphrey, Mr. John Bradford und Ben Sullivan.

Ausstellungsdauer: 13.-18.September 2008
Öffnungszeiten: Öffnungszeiten des mobilat Club

mobilat club | salzstrasse 27 | 74076 heilbronn |

Gleichzeitig ist im Data 77112 eine Ausstellung über Hintergrundarbeiten „behind the scenes“ im Basementizid aus den vergangen Jahren zu sehen.
Data 77112, Schulgasse 15, 74072 Heilbronn |

Biochemistry; a compound which exists in the body as a euphoric neurotransmitter, it is naturally produced by the brain to create happiness, heightened energy, pleasure and pain. Origin; from dop(a) + amine (a related substance)

Release: When you are attracted to someone your brain releases the drug dopamine giving the same reaction that one gets from thrill seeking, sex, music, humanitarianism, surfing and skating to name a few. Behind all these lurks a brain chemical called dopamine.

Dopamine, ist ein Teil der Werbekampagne von Insight. Wo Steve Gorrow und Fraser Anderson ihr surf- und skateboardteam einsetzen um in einen anderen Lebenskontext zu treten und dem ganzen eine andere Dosis Kreativität zu geben, da surfen sie über rote Wellen, über Friedhöfe, sehen wir motor-cycle riding femme fatales oder bekannte skatespots, die im skateboardfall in eine surreale Umgebung gesetzt werden……dass alles kitzelt an unserem Bewusstsein in Bezug auf Dinge, die wir kennen und können.

is also part of the promotional campaign by Insight. Where Steve Gorrow and Fraser Anderson uses their surf and skateboardteam to get in a different context of life and to give the whole another type of creativity. We see how they surf the waves of red, of cemeteries, we see motor-cycle riding femme fatales or known skatespots, in skateboardfall made in a surreal environment …… everything that tickles our awareness of things that we know and can.


is surfing’s most in demand photographer.

His experimental approach to never-before-seen angles, themes, and equipment coupled with his monstrous work ethic makes Dustin Humphrey the most important surf photographer since Art Brewer. Over the past four years, Dustin’s work hasn’t only transformed the magazines he works with into category leaders, but it’s reinvigorated the entire world of surf photojournalism.

Dustin has led surfing back to ultra-exotic travel. His forays into Indonesia rainforests, sri Lanka´s Tamil coast, & the vast emptiness of Kenya´s wilderness have restoked the passion for discovery among surfers & fellow members of the media. On a cinematic front, other career highlights include his contribution to Taylor Steele´s iconic surf film, Sipping Jetsteams.

Dustin’s work has been featured in dozens of surf and action-sports lifestyle magazines around the world, including: TransWorld Surf Magazine (USA), Surfing Magazine (USA), Surf Europe (England), The Surfers Journal (USA), The Surfers Journal (Europe), Surf Session (France), Surf Trip (Italy), Fluir (Brazil), Surf Time (Indonesia), Action Sports Asia (Singapore), Waves (Australia), Tracks (Australia), Australian Surfing Life (Australia), Paper Plane (Australia), and Monster Children (Australia).

JOHN BRADFORD – Dopamine Skateboard Photographer
John Bradford is a photographer from Long Beach, California. He grew up skateboarding in Orange County and still visits his family there. He shoots for skateboard Magazine, and does work for many of the skate and surf companies in Southern California.

BEN SULLIVAN – Fashion Photographer
Award winning photographer, Ben Sullivan has shot ad campaigns for everyone from Insight to Levis, exhibited his photos in galleries across Australia and published his pics in a host of magazines including Nylon, New Zealand’s Pavement, Australian titles Yen and Monster Children to name a few. When he can be persuaded to let go of his camera, Ben spends his days playing tennis and daydreaming about one day getting to shoot his idol, Neil Young.

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space we love
September 4, 2008, 9:25 am
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circleculture gallery – based in berlin. run also magazine and agancy
artyfarty-gallery – based in köln is run by Coskun Gueven. future importend place in köln for urban culture
einskommavier, ausstellungen is window and place could be parkingplace and town Obertürkheim – Stuttgart
Issue -Urban Arts, Graphic Arts, Illustration Gallery, Paris
Needles and Pens – emporium of zines, d.i.y. goods, and an art gallery, SF
no new enemies – is an international network of artists, activists,… and artspace in brussel
prostor – gallery,store in zagreb
parafernalia – gallery, guerrilla store, show room, san sebastian, bql
pekmez gallery – gallery run by tadej vaukman and his friends in maribor, slowenia. off space with exlusive trash felling
SPACE Gallery – is a nonprofit contemporary art space in Portland, MAINE
SUBAQUATICA – artspace, store, platform and much more, madrid, spain
skateboard museum, stuttgart
superplan gallery – berlin
urban art info – like name say, berlin….

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