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October 3, 2007, 9:34 am
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we dream about and wish us….

Laurent Impeduglia


Laurent Impeduglia (Belgium, 1974) is a hyperactive builder. His artworks range from funny drawings on paper, through wild oil on canvas works, to tiny sculptures and huge installations: the thread that links them
is the artist’s obsessive, compulsive relationship with the act of construction and arrangement. Bricks, working tools (overalls, stones, concrete mixers, wheelbarrows, and so forth) are used – either the real
objects themselves, slightly transformed, or simply drawn on paper or painted – to build cheap castles, burning churches or collapsing igloos. Impeduglia presents to us a world where a DIY philosophy is as
important as the final production; a world where works “in progress” are as or more significant than finished objects. A world in which not only the object in question but the artist/builder’s life itself is being constructed.
Humour is also very present in Impeduglia’s work. He stages himself as the happy worker, at times writing droll slogans that could almost function as proverbs (“Where are you jesus” – with no question mark!), at
times presenting us with objects which invite us to travel but which appear so precarious, so treaxcherous, that we would never dare use them. Witness his unsettling wooden raft that simply proclaims “Quitter
Liège” on its proudly floating black flag, wherever it stands. Everything here is about moving, traveling, drifting, finding a path. In the artist’s own words, as daubed on a number of canvases: “Make a wish, build
your life”.



Elzo Durt is an artist who uses serigraphy as a medium. His works translate the distress and desires of young adults; this mental confusion towards the complexity of everyday life translates into pop colours on surrealist collages.Elzo is inspired by music and vice versa. From rock and electro to hip-hop, the wacky world of Elzo is a rebuttal to the social and moral order, expressed throughout independent music. It’s a relationship where the world of music and graphic design work together through the creation and organisation of album covers or concerts. Elzo made 2009 skateboard graphic for Yama Skateboards / Carhartt.


Snjezana Josipovic

Snjezana Josipovic, photographer, was born in 1982 in Zagreb, Croatia, and has actively been taking photographs since 2005. In addition to being a member of the group ‘Unmittelbar’, she has been in numerous group and solo exhibitions, and her work has been published in such publications as Bulb, Neo Collective and Polli. Josipovic’s work addresses notions of the portrait, landscape and interiors, and through imagery and technique, redefines them. Space transverses both the interior and exterior. Empty rooms, the woods, seas, and cities take on an intimacy, or what Josipovic likes to call “silent dialogue”. It is a purposeful view, but rather than a Baudrillardan “layering over”, Josipovic steps forward to “peel back” revealing what is underneath, while simultaneously allowing and pushing layers to different levels of exposure. Josipovic not only explores the Real through her layering, but also the notion that “our perception of reality is transformative.” She plays with light, edges, depths of darkness and light, interspersing them as if they were fluid within the image.


“Silent dialogue” demands participation by the viewer, and Josipovic achieves this by creating images which do not reveal everything. This is how she responds to the world. Rather than relying on the violence of words, Josipovic uses the medium of photography as her invitation to the world she sees. Her diptychs recall not only the early diptychs often found in churches, but also later the works of Andy Warhol. These are our modern-day twins, and we are allowed into their private world. Who is this woman and what is the mystery of the connection to the image in the adjacent frame? Questions that Josipvoic refuses to answer, but instead invites us to ponder and participate in creating our own stories.


In Josipovic’s portraiture works, she focuses on capturing how a person changes and tries to become someone else while in the act of picture taking. Again, the notion of a “silent dialogue”. This is Josipovic’s discourse. Uncomfortable with the violence of words, the camera speaks for her. References are not arbitrary, and for Josipovic, “photography is connected to everything in my life”.


She plays with the abstraction of our contemporary world through the disappearance or purposeful obscuring of objects through their transformation.


“Where are we again?”
Hans-Jörg Seidler und Mark Bohle sind verloren in einer Welt aus Zeichnung, Malerei und Fotografie. Die beiden Studenten verbringen ihre Zeit in der Regel an der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart und vertreiben sich den Tag mit Kommunikations- bzw. Grafikdesign. Was das genau ist versuchen sie Tag für Tag zu ergründen. Sie verirren sich immer öfter in einer Welt aus Leinwand, Papier und Farbe. Auf der Suche nach einer gemeinsamen Sprache stellen sie sich immer wieder Fragen, Fragen, Fragen. “Where are we again?” ist ihre erste gemeinsame Ausstellung. Sie arbeiten unter dem Namen “Hans sein Mark? Mark sein Hans.” Um die totale Verwirrung zu vermeiden ist der Gebrauch der Abkürzung HSM//MSH hilfreich, genauso wie “HSM x2, beim 2.ten Mal nur andersrum.”

Zur Ausstellungseröffnung gibt es Lachs, Kaviar und Champagner im Pappbecher. Oder eben nicht. Oliver Kahn kommt zu einer seiner raren Autogrammstunden nach Heilbronn. Oder eben nicht. Man wird sehen.

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