Basementizid is a project/gallery with its main focus on contemporary art pieces of word, image and sound. The artworks exhibited cover a wide spectrum of artistic expressions. Further more there is a dialogue to facilitate the exchange of regional, national and international artists. think global, act local.

It was important for me to start this project in Heilbronn and not for example in Berlin, Barcelona or NYC. I wanted to grow something at my place of living as there was no underground art scene by that time.

Another important part of basementizid´s concept is to invite artists on a permanent basis from all round world…..modart magazin refered to basementizid in the European gallery guide as one of Germanys interesting art locations.
thats it……………..

thanx to all people which belive to idea of this project, support it, set their time for it, also companys like carhartt, protectyourstyle, dubwars, bright tradeshow, turbojugend, plemplem give us financial support…when i start to write all of your names, auuu…thank you, danke, hvala, merci…without you all of you this project would never exist!!!
sergej vutuc